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Grassfed Raw Milk


Great tasting, nutritious milk (and meat) comes from animals raised on high quality feed in healthy growing conditions. The best feed is grass, rich in minerals and nutrients. However, high quality grass requires nutrient rich soil. Through years of modern confinement farming, with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, much of the soil has been stripped of vital minerals and nutrients necessary for animals that are both healthy and nutritious.

Over time, pasture-based, Salatin style intensive grazing, can restore the soil. At Winters Grass Farm, we employ intensive grazing to fulfill our goal of providing you, our customer, with real food that is healthy, nutritious, and most importantly, food that tastes great!

We use no antibiotics or growth hormones, but prefer methods that ensure that our animals are healthy with strong immune systems.

Our systems are all pasture based. We want the animals outside where they get plenty of exercise, sunshine, and fresh air, and eat what they are designed to eat.

  • 100% grassfed
  • healthy animals
  • nutrient rich feed (grass)
  • no antibiotics
  • no growth hormones