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Grassfed Salad Bar Beef

Why do we call it Salad Bar Beef? 

Beef Cows Grazing

Because our goal is to provide our animals with the most diverse diet of fresh grasses, legumes, and broadleaf forbs as possible. Here at Winters Grass Farm we do our best to model our systems after what we see in nature. In the wild, herbivores herd together for predator protection, are constantly moving to fresh ground and away from yesterdays droppings, and consume only forages as their diet. You will not see them eating grain or other dead animals.

Beef Cows Grazing

By using portable electric fencing to facilitate intensive grazing, we are able to duplicate what we see in nature. The herd is moved daily to fresh pasture, and the cattle thrive on grass only. In the process, the land is allowed to rest, thus improving the soil and increasing fertility.

Beef Cows Grazing

Salad Bar Beef is highly nutritious and high in vitamins and healthy fats such as CLA’s and omego-3 fatty acids.

  • 100% grassfed
  • healthy animals
  • nutrient rich feed (grass)
  • no antibiotics
  • no growth hormones