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New Farmer in the Mohawk Valley

New Farmer in the Mohawk Valley

Over the last few years one of the things I've come to realize is that I need to focus on just a couple things to really make sure we are always offering a quality product. Especially with a young family now I just don't have the time to do everything. So WintersGrass Farm will not be raising pastured chicken this year. But this gives us a great opportunity to work with other farmers in the valley because I know many of you still want a close and reliable source for quality pasture raised chicken!

So I'm introducing Danielle Marriotte of Three Sisters Farm in Floyd NY. She and her family have been raising broilers for their family for a couple years now and are ready to start offering them to the community. You can order directly from Danielle her farm website Three Sisters Farm or for those of you in the Clinton and New Hartford area you can order through WintersGrass Farm. I will be sending out and e-mail with an order form soon so look for that. Make sure you welcome Danielle and her family by following her here on Facebook and if you are looking for a local source for Pasture Raised Chicken, be sure to check with her! Here is a letter from Danielle:

Hello! My name is Danielle Marriott. I run Three Sisters Farm, with the help of my family. We are located in Floyd, NY (located between Utica and Rome) in the Mohawk Valley.

This year we will be raising two varieties of meat birds.  Our Cornish Cross X meat chickens are the standard, pasture-raised meat bird and a Red Heritage variety that is said to produce more yellow omega 3 fat and less saturated fat than fast growing breeds. Our poultry are raised out on pasture so they can do what chickens were meant to do. They scratch and peck, eating seeds and grass and insects. They are provided feed, that is all-natural and free from antibiotics and milled fresh in Upstate New York.

I’ll explain the “How” we will raise these marvelous creatures in a minute, but let me explain the “Why” behind “Farmer Danielle” being a farmer.  The answer to this question is so multi-faceted, yet starts with a sincere desire to grow healthy food for my family and my community, while simultaneously doing so in a manner that is good for the earth.  There are tangible health aspects for myself, for my customers and the earth when raising and eating healthy food in a thoughtfully sustainable manner.

As far as “How” we raise our chickens, we have spent countless hours in study and practice understanding how to raise healthy, wholesome, great tasting birds.  The process is a combination of healthy, uncontaminated feed, a natural environment, and caring attention.  Though I could go on a similar rant as Joel Salatin… sharing with you the nightmarish, disease-ridden, chemical and medication-based, filthy conditions commercial chickens are raised in… I would rather focus on all the positive ways our farm raises our birds. Sadly, most consumers don’t realize they are actually paying for this.  My solution is to offer a healthy, natural food item. I welcome any and all to our farm to see our approach.

I will have meat chickens ready for pick-up around the 1st week of July and the 1st week of August, depending upon how well the chickens are growing. The Cornish Cross X birds will be $3.50/lb. and Red Heritage at $4.00/lb. for around a 4 lb. bird. To plan orders, I need to both ask and know how many birds you may be interested in. Please let me know any questions you may have, as well as how many birds you would like to order.

You may contact me any time via telephone, e-mail and by visiting our website!

Thank you so much!
Danielle at Three Sisters Farm
Telephone: (315) 868-5774

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