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We Take Credit Cards Now!

We Take Credit Cards Now!

Over the holidays it was decided that it was time for WintersGrass Farm to catch up to the 21st century. Cows and pigs and grass have been around for a long, long time... mobile credit card readers?? Not as long.  So we have several things in the works right now to get us caught up to modern times, including an online shopping cart/order system. In the meantime, until we get that up and running we are set up to take credit cards here at the farm or payments through PayPal.

For orders placed at the farm store, you can continue to use cash or check as before.  However, you can now also use your debit or credit card.

Additionally, we are now able to invoice for down payments on bulk orders, so you do not need to send a check or visit the store, but can pay securely online.

How Invoicing Works

Invoicing - Step 1

Call or text us: 315.269.9237
or email us here

Invoicing Step 2

We will create and email an invoice to you for the exact amount of your order or down payment.  We may not get back to you immediately, but we will respond as soon as we are able.  The email you receive will contain information similar to that below.

Invoice Email

Invoicing Step 3

In the email you receive (above), click "View Invoice and Pay"

Invoicing Step 4

Your web browser will open the secure payment page. Click on "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" (see below).

Invoice Payment Page

From here you will securely enter your contact info, credit card info, etc. as you would with any online purchase.

NOTE: If you have or want to create a PayPal account for payment, you can select "Pay with PayPal".  However, a PayPal account is NOT required to pay with debit or credit card.

If you find these options convenient, please give them a try and let us know your preferences.  If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

Lastly, we are investigating additional options to improve your buying experience and payment choices.  In the future, expect to see:

  • Automatic recurring invoicing for raw milk subscriptions
  • Order online, pay and pick up at the farm store
  • Order online, pay online, pick up at the farm store
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