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Salad Bar Beef

WintersGrass Farm

Grassfed Beef from New York's Mohawk Valley Region


Upstate New York is an amazing place. From the Noble High Peaks to the scenic hills and valleys


Upstate has so much to offer. The Mohawk Valley region is no exception!  Blessed with some of the most fertile soil in the world along with an abundance of clean water it is perfect for feeding our local villages and cities.


Have you ever noticed that while many grocery stores and online food services are proud to offer organic, grassfed, grass-finished, heritage, etc… there is very little openness of the actual farms that the meats are sourced from?  No pictures of the farmers, no farm names are mentioned and no interviews with the people who are growing your food!  We are changing that by working with a team of local farmers and experienced butchers to make sure your food is grown where you can know about it.


Anyone who has driven through the beautiful Mohawk Valley can tell just by looking at it that we have the resources to produce some of the highest quality meats possible right here close to home.


So lets do it!


  • 100% Grass-finished
  • 100% Locally Raised
  • 100% Locally Butchered
  • 100% Upstate New York Beef


Let your local farmers feed your family!

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